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Increase revenue, determine pricing, manage risk, and capitalize on industry opportunities with research driven business strategy from over 30 years of industry experience.


Define actionable objectives through research backed analysis and expert insight into the human element, not cookie cutter templates.

We help you answer critical questions like:

Decision Analysis support for Board Level problems: How do I break down the problem into its key “economic” human components?

Decision support tools: What tools and data should I be looking at? Where do I generate the data for my decisions? Is it reliable?

What is success? We help you determine your specific measures of success and how to achieve them.

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Identify and reduce your most critical human and economic risk points. Our unique experts include a leading Ph.D psychologist specialized in the human interface of risk management.

We help you answer critical questions like:

Risk Assessment, do I have a physical risk assessment of my most critical to fail economic risk?

Do I have real economic models of what my most critical to fail consequences are?

Do I have a scenario based human factor risk management tool? What would it look like and how do I measure its effectiveness?

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Get reliable measures of performance and success so you can stop guessing. Eliminate indicator "cheating", identify key measures and how to track them, and implement effective incentives.

We help you answer critical questions like:

What incentives do I have in my organization to make sure that I am maximizing my potential and minimizing my risk?

Does my organization actual match my stated incentives, or have the incentives shaped my organization?

How do I really monitor my performance without “cheating” the system?

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We build a culture of excellence in all areas.
Build robust, mission-critical management systems and innovate, innovate, innovate.

Based in Seattle, we're experienced both locally and globally:

Please note that since we are a niche consultancy we cannot accept all assignments. We only accept assignments where we are sure that we can deliver lasting long term value. Typically we stay engaged for many years, A lower intensity of effort is always driven by results. We are 100% results oriented.

"Philip did an exceptional job in helping us re-structure the operations of the Sirena 3 billing system for the Russian domestic airline industry. He succeeded in persuading various constituencies that the highest value outcome was achieved in the agreed restructuring of Sirena 3. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Tatyana Federenko, Assistant to Lev Ilchuk, Deputy Minister of Aviation, Russian Federation.