Business Consulting

With over 34+ years of experience in business consulting, we help businesses and other organizations turn around failing models, bring companies and projects to successful market entry, and multiply value for both Seattle and global organizations. With every consulting project, we deliver a clear roadmap to increased revenue and performance with specific actionable objectives.

Now joined by a world leading psychological expert on the human causes of catastrophic risk and solutions, we offer even deeper business consulting insight. We focus on the human element as much as the objective measures that define a successful strategy. A strategy that factors the human interface ensures adoption across your organization,along with more effective risk management.

  • Discover and Capitalize on Key Opportunities;

  • Understand how to price for your product or service;

  • Understand your business potential, your real value proposition;

  • Manage the risks of your business, understand latent and hidden risks, quantify the risk of catastrophic failures and the “human” interface of your management systems;

  • Understand what the market for your product is telling you about your value proposition;

  • Manage and control your balance sheet assets and liabilities;

  • Build Business Value and Successful Market Entry;

Take the guesswork out and bring economically proven clarity in with precision business consulting services. We do not leave you without a clear and effective implementation strategy, developed by leaders in their field. Your economic opportunities and liabilities are clearly laid out through our exclusive strategic value methods.

Step by step consulting defines your roadmap with actionable objectives and research backed analysis. We help you communicate it to your board, investors, private equity groups, and employees to ensure buy in.

Receive your Free Initial Consultation to discover how you can benefit from our exlusive strategic value methods.