Economic Comment

Philip has been a regular contributor to the debate on the Euro Zone crisis and what actions should be taken.

Below is a list of articles published on various economic matters and TV appearances in Italian on “il Fatto Quotidiano” and “Vloganza” a newpaper and economics website:


1. August 2012 Economic Commentary on Euro Zone Crisis

2. Euro Zone Crisis made worse by reliance on Banks

3. Impact of Iran on Global Oil prices

4. Economic Modeling for Transport Industry

5. Global Shipping Economic Forecast

7. Global Pharma Industry Study

8. Natural Gas Vehicle Industry Study

9. Global 4G LTE Network Capacity Constraints Study

10. Impact of Transport Industry on Global Trade and Prosperity

11. Impact of Inflation on savings

12. Wealth Management issues for 2012

13. Healthcare Industry Cost Competitiveness

14. Bank Returns on Capital during 2008-2011 Economic Crisis

15.  What is not being said about Fiscal Cliff Debate

16.  Resource research, Platinum and Copper for 2013

Vloganza Interviews in Italian

1. Vloganza Interview on Growth in Euro Zone: Small business incentives 

2. Vloganza Interview on Eurobond Issuance in Euro Zone

3. Vloganza Interview EuroZone viability dependent on Growth not austerity

4. Vloganza Interview:  Incompetence in Economic Response to Eurozone Crisis

5. Vloganza Interview:  Ostrich Politics in Eurozone response to crisis

6. Vloganza Interview:  Is there a democratic solution to Euro Zone crisis?

7. Vloganza Interview:  Still no real economic recovery in USA 2011-2012

8. Vloganza Interview:  China cannot be engine of World Growth in 2011

9. Vloganza Interview:  No more short cuts to solving Debt Crisis in Developed World

10. Vloganza Interview:  Without Italy, the Euro Zone will implode

11. Vloganza Interview:  Too many cooks in Euro Zone kitchen spoil the broth

12. Vloganza Interview:  US 2012 Presidential Election outcome on US and Global Economics

13. Vloganza interview:  Will Chinese consumerism bode well for US and Euro Zone brands?

14.  2012 Comment on what to expect in 2013

15.  US Fiscal Cliff Comment






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