Financial Management

Financial & Capital Management:

After many years in investment banking and investments, we are asked often for financial advice by primarily two types of customers:

  • High Net Worth individuals and businesses who may reside in multiple locations, not just in the US;
  • Business owners, and professionals who at some stage will realize or sell their business and therefore have to deal with a myriad of tax, and asset protection issues.

It is important to understand our philosophy, as we do not accept all clients, in fact we tend to refer many inquires to other advisors who we feel may be best suited for the needs of clients, which is always paramount in our eyes.

Our philosophy is always to act ethically and in full compliance with all relevant laws with respect to our client interests, placing them ahead of all other concerns.  It is that simple.

As an advisor with very deep ties to the City of London’s global financial center in all areas of finance and insurance, we have an extensive network of first class advisors, which is typically not found in “one stop shop” financial supermarkets. We only want to work with the best, and refuse to be limited by “in house” experts.  In the US we are insurance licensed in California and Washington State, with 6 major carriers in the US, and are a Registered Investment Advisor in California  We specialize is assisting with wealth preservation tax planning, helping you determining your best total after tax return, and work with many talented US based tax advisors.

Given our global experience, we can also assist non resident US clients in managing their total after tax returns, assist in tax planning  and have the ability to deal directly with perhaps the greatest talent globally in the area of tax efficient management.  This type of service is only available to non domiciled US clients.

Our Process:

We help you review your overall risk exposure.  We are truly independent and do not “sell” financial products, but “sell” solutions to complex financial problems.  In our humble opinion the financial services industry has proven itself unable to effectively manage conflicts of interest, so we have opted to only provide independent financial management expertise. 
In most cases independent professional advice in these areas can be preferable to advice coming from “brokers” with an axe to grind in the product they are selling.

Management of Financial resources:


Financial resources management is important because the unit we measure success with is money.  The “financialization” of the world has meant that lurking in our financial assets portfolios lie many a potential time bomb. “Expert” classifications of some assets as more or less risky than others,  ignore many economic basics such as integrated asset and liability management, for one.

We have worked in an international environment for 30 years, and a fully able to ensure you have completely professional treasury and cash management resources at your disposal to minimize financial risk.

Currency risk management and high correlation amongst assets classes, require a deep understanding of insurance and other risk management tools, which we are effectively deliver.

Sample Work:

Impact of Inflation

Protecting Assets and Wealth

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