Healthcare Reform

The implementation of the Affordable Healthcare reform Act, [“ACA”] will have a huge and far reaching impact on all businesses from those with over 50 employees to those with under 50 employees.

Our staff is “Insurance Licensed” and able to assist you in sifting through the complexities of the implementation of those aspects of the ACA which relate to your business.

The ACA is a very complex piece of legislation [more that 2,400 pages] which will have very far reaching economic implications for your business.

We specialize in finding solutions which can economically enhance your business.  As with all value added consulting we will demonstrate practically how to save money, find the most effective solutions for your business, and very importantly for your employees.  Key employees are a vital resource to any business, and finding after tax cost effective ways to reward them, while providing very necessary protection to them in case of need, is what we are about.

Enclosed below is a flow chart of the implementation of the ACA, courtesy of the JAMA.


Courtesy of the Journal of the American Medical Association




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