Life Sciences

Life Sciences Consulting:

Life sciences are at the epicenter of the focus for new products.  Many of the cash generating  products for the large Pharma multinationals are running perilously close to empty.  The hunt  is on for specialty human genetic therapies which require laser focus in terms of “proof of concept”, lab organization, and the presentation of the data to support the investment necessary for any eventual clinical trials.

Most important of all, is the definition of the eventual market addressed by the therapy or device.  We use our economic modeling skills to bring to life the opportunity, assist in making presentations, cleaning up data that adds nothing to the story, and focussing more efforts on what appears the most promising.  We have made hundreds of these types of presentations, yet every time we approach them with one focus.  To ensure that your economic interests are  showcased, so that they can be protected for the long haul.

Specifically we can:

  • Assist Business Development efforts;
  • Assist in developing Valuation Models ~ Business Models;
  • Assist in Evaluating Strategic options, partnership outreach, emerging marketing options;
  • Design project research, analysis, and reporting techniques;
  • Collect and analyse data, make detailed statistically significant recommendations;
  • Oversee the development of project research materials including protocols, analysis plans, surveys, discussion guides, and other data collection instruments
  • Assist in negotiating contractsl
  • Supervise analysis and interpretation of data;
  • Oversee production of project deliverables including research plans, status reports, interim reports, technical reports, presentations, abstracts, manuscripts, and product dossiers;
  • Contribute to proposal writing and high level presentations;
  • Assist in the management the development of staff.

Immunotherapy: Boosting the immune system to fight cancer

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