Business Strategy

“In an uncertain world, where all we know for sure is that nothing is for sure, we are going to need organizations that are continually renewing themselves, reinventing themselves, reinvigorating themselves. These are the learning organizations, the ones with the learning habit. Without the habit of learning, they will not dream the dream, let alone have any hope of achieving it.” – Charles Handy


Strategic Business Development:

  • Industry economics and Market analysis: insight into areas that generate most added value
  • Pricing strategies, how to develop an effective price/volume relationship in a dynamic market, so you don’t leave money on the table
  • Quantify latent risks, risk manage so that the organization maps the technical complexity of your systems, your verification is reliable, your workforce is incented to identify risk before “catastrophic failures occur
  • Design high return on investment programs for staff, and monitor their progress in hard economics
  • Change business model [revenue, cost, margin, working capital, investment]
  • Market entry.  In particular: Market/segment analysis
  • Review of value creation, the value chain and its sustainability
  •  ”Offensive Marketing” Workshops for developing sustainable business models
  •  Run valuation under different scenario’s.
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